What are the London barista course options?

Besides the prestigious London School of Coffee, there are plenty of well reputed coffee schools that offer London Barista courses meant for professional and aspiring baristas:

Matthew Algie

logo: Matthew Algie

This organization offers four courses for aspiring baristas.

Coffee School

Whether you’re a frontline barista or you’re considering starting your own coffee house, or even if you’ve just developed a fascination for coffee, this institute offers a one day class that helps everyone who is interested in coffee, even if they are total novices.

The lessons about quality and speed, vital for any food service, are imparted in a well relaxed environment. Practical skills such as creating an elementary coffee menu, milk steaming and cleaning the equipment are covered.

The course will take you through the history of coffee; a part of the coffee process – its growth, its processing and its roasting; how to keep your coffee fresh – about its storage and shelf life; knowing your equipment – its names, its applications and its safe usage; the perfect espresso – grinding, dosing, tamping and brewing it; best practices for milk – getting the most out of it, from storage to pouring; drinks – combining your lessons to make great coffee; and cleaning – daily cleaning advice to keep it hygienic.

The course begins at 10 in the morning and ends at 3 in the afternoon. A half hour break is provided for lunch. It is free for Matthew Algie customers and costs £125 + VAT for others.

Milk Master Class

This intensely practical coffee course London revolves around milk. A half-day session, it is meant for baristas who have prior experience of working at a coffee shop. It builds upon their existing knowledge of milk and texturing methods, and teaches them how to create wondrous latte art.

This class will enable its students to understand various types of milk and their impact on milk foam; the significance of fat and proteins in milk; the fundamentals of latte art; and the effect of temperature in the foaming of milk. Besides the theory, be prepared to be continuously applying what you’ve learned – you’ll be foaming, swirling, surfing, pouring and working the milk until it is perfect.

The course is taught either in the morning (9:30 am to 12:30 pm) or in the afternoon (1:30pm to 4:30pm), and is free for Matthew Algie customers and costs £80 + VAT for all others.

Espresso Class

This is a half day class meant for baristas who are confident with their skills and want to learn more about the factors that affect espresso and understand their impact on the taste of their coffee.

This class will aid you in understanding the taste of excellent espresso; in exploring the effect of origins, profiles, process and roasting on espresso; in gaining an understanding of composition of espresso, brewing variables and factors; and in brewing an espresso to attain its sweet spot and developing a personalized brewing style.

The course is split into two parts:

Tasting: This part covers the origins and coffee profiles – exploration of the differences between single and blend origins, as well as how the country of origin affects flavor profile; processing and roasting – identification of different roasting and processing techniques to gain an insight into their effect on espresso flavor; and tasting of espresso: its nature, and identification and articulation of flavor descriptors while accounting for taste and aroma.

Brewing variables: Grinding, dosage, level and tamping – understanding and manipulating these variables to create your favorite espresso; water volume, pressure and temperature – exploration of other factors which can affect extraction and taste; and extraction weight/time – trying out other ways of extraction.

The half day course starts from 10am to 3pm and there’s a half hour break for lunch included. It is free for Matthew Algie customers and costs £100 + VAT for others.

Brew Class

This half day class is meant for baristas who are skilled at making the perfect espresso shot, and are looking to discover alternate brewing methods.

The class will enable you to gain an understanding of various brewing techniques; look at industry standards as well as brewing factors that impact flavor; learn the brewing of coffee through Filter Cone, AeroPress, Chemex and Cafetiere; find out how to create your own brewing style.

The class will have you grind, weigh and extract, as well as taste your product, all along its course. You will be taught to appreciate both precision and deviation from norms, and the class will be an ideal opportunity to explore various brewing parameters to create your personalized brew.

The course starts at 12:30 pm and ends at 4:30 pm. It is free for Matthew Algie customers and costs £80 + VAT for all others.

With its comprehensive lineup of barista courses London, the Matthew Algie school provides an excellent alternative to the London School of Coffee, minus the more prestigious qualifications offered by the latter.


logo: baristabarbar

 This is another school that offers a range of barista training London courses which you can avail to become a professional barista. The institute expresses its commitment to training baristas to a professional standard, showing students how to prepare the best espresso shot possible and how to make the ideal microfoam for a coffee cup. The number of students per course is limited to ensure that each student gets plenty of practical experience during the course. The participant is awarded a certificate of participation after completing the course.

Basic Barista Course

The Basic Barista Course offered by this institute costs £65 without and £75 with the certificate. It includes a professional barista manual for each participant and covers coffee machine operation, milk foaming techniques, making the entire coffee menu, setting and using a coffee grinder, blend choices, coffee selection, and maintenance and cleaning of equipment. The course is taught every week in London.

Latte Art Course

This course is all about connecting to your inner barista, since latte art is a critical skill in making great coffee. The £85 course is taught regularly in London and covers free pouring, milk steaming, coffee art and techniques, coffee layering and mixing of milk and cream.

How to start a coffee shop course

This £155 costing course, taught twice monthly, teaches participants how to confidently succeed in the coffee industry as a coffee shop owner. It will provide them with the skills to start a café and will cover all facets of setting up and running a coffee shop.

Barista Boot Camp

This intense single day barista training course, costing £160, is a combination of the Basic Barista and Latte Art courses, ideal for those who want to learn all the essential skills for becoming a barista.


Ozone Coffee Roasters

logo: ozoneE coffee roasters

This is an institute that is dedicated to teaching café staff all skills necessary for making perfect coffee drinks. Their belief is that baristas are an important part of the espresso process to make sure that great coffee is delivered in each cup. They understand that amazing espresso drinks are only possible due to baristas who have a passion for the beverage, along with professional training and very high standards of excellence.

With this motivation, Ozone Coffee roasters promises to make sure that each cup of its coffee is served with the utmost dedication and care. To do so, they will train your café’s baristas each step along the way, from coffee extraction to milk techniques to serving customers. The in-depth training program will include beginner barista skills, and will go all the way to professional level barista techniques.

Since training is an ongoing process, they will continue to share their knowledge with your café’s baristas in order to keep them abreast of freshly emerging skills and techniques.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

logo: Dept of coffee and social affairs

Two barista related courses are taught at this institute’s coffee school:

The Craft & Science of Espresso

Meant for those who are interested in coffee or have passion for it, and desire to learn the core techniques and principles of making espresso coffee. After you’ve covered basic theory, you’ll cultivate your espresso technique under personal guidance from the school’s talented baristas. This course will cover:

  • Essentials of coffee extraction.
  • Shot preparation.
  • Calibration of an espresso machine.
  • Preparation of milk for latte art.
  • Pouring of latte art.

Tips for maintenance of espresso machines and essential cleaning.

No past barista training is required for this course, and each class will have between 4 and 6 students.

Brewing for taste

This course provides hands on training on French Press, Cold Water Dripper, Syphon and Pour Over coffee preparation methods, with a focus on home implementation. The methods covered in this course are ideal for serving a small group of people, such as at a specialty coffee house or at home. The stuff that will be covered includes:

  • Coffee brewing fundamentals.
  • Brewing and brew ratios for clarity of flavor.
  • Coffee grinding.
  • Coffee making methods for Syphon, Cold Water Dripper, French Press, and Pour Over.
  • Tips and tricks for easy coffee preparation.
  • No past barista training is needed for this course either, and the class size will be from 6 to 12 people.

Because of the competitiveness of the barista jobs London market, you’ll have to attend a formal training institute and earn a certificate to get a decent barista job. Fortunately, the above mentioned schools are just a few of the many that London has for training professional baristas.