What are the Glasgow barista course options?

There are a few institutes in Scotland offering professional barista training Glasgow residents can join.

logo: scottish barista schoolScottish Barista School

This should be your first choice for entering in a Glasgow barista course, since it is affiliated with the SCAE, and all three of its courses are SCAE endorsed i.e. SCAE foundation barista training, SCAE foundation barista barista barista and SCAE intermedia barista.

They provide hands on training to a small group of students in order to ensure adequate attention to each. An SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) qualified City & Guilds trainer by the name of Jim Watson, who happens to be a fully qualified barista with an experience of more than two decades, will be running the courses.

This institutes two most popular barista courses Glasgow residents join are:

SCAE Foundation Barista Training Course

This coffee course Glasgow is for those who regard coffee as their job, passion or career opportunity. It provides you with core skills vital for becoming a professional barista. These skills include setting a grinder, using an espresso machine, preparing and presenting an espresso drink, properly foaming milk, and tasting different types of coffee.

Barista Barista Barista Training Course

This is a three day course covering three major disciplines – the SCAE introduction to coffee, SCAE brewing and grinding, and SCAE barista skills. The skills you gain from these three days will make you ready for any barista jobs Glasgow has to offer. The three SCAE qualifications will contribute 20 points towards your SCAE coffee diploma, which is an educational standard geared specifically towards coffee professionals in multiple countries. It is a certified and controlled system with an up-to-date curriculum written by the brightest minds of the coffee industry.

logo: fun in a cupFun In A Cup

This institute also offers many different courses which can be modified to match your personal training requirements. If you’re working in the industry, or owning a coffee machine / grinder at home, you can attend their studio training sessions in Glasgow.

The courses they offer include:

  • Basic Barista Training
  • Basic Barista Training with an Intro to Latte Art
  • Advanced Barista Training
  • Latte Art Masterclass
  • Filter coffee/manual brewing.

The Basic Barista Training course is a beginner level course which is geared mostly towards newcomers but can also be attended by experienced baristas.

Advanced Barista training is meant for those with experience, or those who have taken the Basic course already. Consequently, it will cover the more nuanced aspects of coffee making.

Latte Art Masterclass will teach you all about latte art and how to create truly artistic drinks for your customers.

Filter coffee/manual brewing will explore alternative brewing methods for those who are already experts of espresso coffee. 

Barista training in Edinburgh

It will be difficult for you to find exclusive barista training Edinburgh, apart from the Scottish Barista School. This is the same institute described above, and all the courses it offered in Glasgow are offered for Edinburgh residents as well, therefore when looking for a good coffee school Edinburgh residents should make this their first port of call.

Another coffee school Edinburgh residents can go for is Fun In A Cup, also mentioned for Glasgow. However, given the lack of reliable barista courses Scotland has, you’ll have to choose between these two schools or taking up barista jobs Edinburgh to gain the experience from scratch on the job.

You shouldn’t be put out by this prospect however, since getting a qualification from an Edinburgh coffee school isn’t absolutely necessary to become a successful barista in Edinburgh – if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll be able to learn on your own as an apprentice, and work your way up to passing the City and Guilds exam from there.

You can also opt for taking college courses related to coffee at your local college as discussed previously. Remember, what is important is that you have experience, it doesn’t matter where you get it from, so long as your coffee is immaculate and aesthetically appealing.