The best barista training in Leeds

There are dozens of barista training institutes present in / close to Leeds that you can choose from, here are a few of the more prominent ones to give you an idea:

Refreshment Systems Ltd.

refreshment systems ltd

Claiming to provide a unique advantage to their baristas-in-training, this institute boasts state-of-the-art facilities. Each barista course Yorkshire incorporates topnotch equipment as well as a wide range of ingredients to give students maximum exposure.

The three course offered at Refreshment Systems are:

Basic Barista Training

The much needed courses for all aspiring baristas who want to learn the methods for making excellent coffee. The course is priced at £75 per person, or £225 per group of four [all prices exclusive of VAT]

For the Love of Coffee

An essential training course for homebrewed coffee, that focuses on filtering techniques. Priced at £60 per person [all prices exclusive of VAT]

Advanced Barista Training

This course is to open soon.

Limini Coffee

logo: limini

This institute promises to teach you barista skills that will enable you to make the best possible coffee in a relaxed setting. Their training aims to make you a competition level barista, and they take pleasure in introducing people to the art of coffee making.

The training goes on every day, and the trainers are always present to answer all coffee related queries. They claim to strive towards the best possible standards in their practical course, which are meant to familiarize you with barista equipment, as well as coffee. You’ll be making more than fifty coffee drinks per course!

The course includes coffee growing, harvesting and roasting; freshness and packaging; milk steaming to perfection; all about espresso and pulling shots; cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte; espresso macchiato; setting up a coffee grinder; hot chocolate; caffe mocha; ristretto; cleaning and maintenance; setting up an espresso coffee machine; latte art – rosetta / heart shape; and long black & Americano.

This is one of the best barista courses Leeds residents can opt for, if they have only started in coffee making and have no prior knowledge of coffee except that it is for drinking. However, even professional baristas who’ve been working at cafes for years can benefit from this course, if they feel the time is ripe for formal training.

The institute claims to have trained many people who have been making coffee professionally for several years prior, and these people still feel that they’ve learn considerably during the course.

The training center itself is designed specifically for barista training, and is filled with sophisticated equipment and tools meant for making great coffee. It has been designed with comfort in mind, so that an ideal learning environment is achieved.

You will also get a comprehensive online barista training manual after the course, which will provide stepwise instructions on making excellent coffee.

The course’s price varies depending on whether it is private or in group, but the basic Barista training course costs £82 plus tax, and the advanced Barista training course costs £275 plus tax, to give you an idea.

logo: casa espressoCasa Espresso

This institute claims to take barista skills quite seriously, since, according to them, a good barista is a crucial factor in making a great cup of coffee.

They offer free barista training with Jonnie, their in-house barista. He trains all customers who have purchased new espresso machines (within 50 miles of Casa Espresso), imparting them with knowledge and skills needed for making great tasting coffee, every time.

Existing customers are also provided with additional monthly barista training at their coffee training center in Bradford.

Casa Espresso has years of experience, and they’re providing free barista training Leeds residents can avail at the dedicated facility in Shipley, West Yorkshire. It is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with their new espresso maker.

Besides the free training, Casa Espresso offers paid, formal barista training courses as well:

Barista Training

Lasting 3 hours, and taught in either a private or group format, the course costs £75 + VAT per individual in a group, or £110 + VAT per person in private. It is great for an aspiring Barista who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of coffee making, and is also beneficial for those baristas who already have a degree of prior training. This Barista course Leeds covers a brief history of coffee, processing techniques and roasting; basic grinder calibration and adjustment; espresso preparation method; milk steaming / texturing; pouring / creating a wide range of espresso based drinks; and fundamental espresso machine maintenance.

Latte Art

Also lasting three hours, and taught in group or private format, this course costs £65 + VAT per person in group or £100 + VAT person in private. It focuses on milk based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos and how to ensure their consistent quality so that your customers enjoy a fine tasting, great looking drink. It teaches you how to make complex rosettes as well as simple heart shapes on your coffee, so that you’re an adept of free pouring, ready to unleash your creativity, once the course is over.

Barista Training with Latte Art

Combining the aforementioned two courses into a full day session, this course is also offered in the same formats, and is priced at £120 + VAT per person in a group, or £195 per person in private. It is a great course for cultivating essential barista skills, covering the basic facets of making amazing tasting coffee drinks like a professional. A small lunch is also included with group sessions.

Advanced Barista

Another full day course, it is only taught privately, and costs £200 + VAT per person. This course is meant to cultivate enthusiastic baristas who are passionate about their coffee. The course aims to decompose the factors of coffee extraction so that you can get the most out of any coffee, on a consistent basis. The course covers extraction parameters, refractometry and extraction yields, manual brew methods, dose calibration, temperature profiling, coffee cupping, and origin variables.

Manual Brew Methods

Another course lasting for three hours, this one is only offered in group format, and costs £55 + VAT per individual. It is an excellent introduction to manually brewed coffee, suiting both professional baristas and home users alike.

The course covers three of the most famous manual brewing methods:

  • Pour over
  • French press
  • AeroPress

The advantages and disadvantages of each method are discussed along with methods to brew various coffees, explanation of variables of extraction, and consistency and accuracy. The course also incorporate a free single origin coffee bag that you can take home.

How to open a coffee shop

A full day course taught in a private format, it costs £250 + VAT per person, and is meant for those who want to start their own coffee establishment. No past experience / research is required, since the course will discuss all things that will likely be needed / encountered by coffee startups. The course will cover customer flow and working zones, licenses and legislation, on selling and up selling, menu advice, customer service, complaints/feedback, management, turnover and profit, controlling overheads, essential maintenance and cleaning, and equipment choices among other things.

There will obviously be other schools you can go to, but Casa Espresso, with its wide offering of courses, has proven to be a topnotch coffee school Leeds residents can depend on.