The Barista Training Guide

Not all of us can afford pricey coffee courses to develop barista skills; and since all coffee suppliers and training institutes are for-profit, you’ll be hard pressed to find one offering free barista education. So, naturally, it was a pleasant surprise to find a coffee merchant with the kind of devotion towards its customers that they are offering free courses to them. In fact, they’ve even developed an in-depth online repository of videos that provides free online barista training to those who want to learn how to make different kinds of specialty coffee.

Coffee Courses

Here are the on-ground learning opportunities they are offering to their customers:

Matthew Algie Coffee UK realise that coffee varieties and sophisticated machines are only a part of what it takes to make the perfect latte, macchiato or filter. In order to create perfect coffee every time, it takes knowledge, passion and skill on part of the barista, and this why they have prepared various coffee training courses for their customers and others who are interested in learning.

They provide free training to their customers by their coffee experts, who are qualified by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

You can attain this training right at the grouphead, but you can also attend their Coffee School which has dedicated training facilities in Glasgow, Dublin and London, where you will be taught by some of the best trainers the coffee specialty industry has to offer.

The complete beginners guide to espresso based coffee drinks

This one day course is geared towards total novices in the specialty coffee industry, regardless of whether they work as baristas, wish to open their own coffee shops, or are hardcore coffee fans.

The trainers focus on speed and quality, the two essential aspects of food service, and the participants learn in a relaxed atmosphere. They are taught how:Coffee School

  • Prepare all the essential drinks in a standard coffee menu
  • Milk steaming
  • Cleaning the equipment.

The course covers the origins of coffee to what it has become today; a part of the process – how coffee grows, its processing and roasting; how coffee is kept on the shelf / stored; knowledge of equipment – its names, what is needed and how to safely use it; the perfect espresso – its grinding process, dosing, tamping and brewing; how to make the most out of milk from storage to pouring; combining all the knowledge to create amazing coffee; on the go cleaning techniques and advice to keep your equipment in mint condition.

There are several other courses as well that their customers can take for free.

But that’s only part of the story – they also offer training videos for aspiring baristas that are completely free, meaning that you don’t even have to be their customer to avail them. Here are some of the most useful ones for those interested in becoming skilled baristas:

Beginner’s Guide to Espresso

This short video is for those who are new to espresso, or those looking for a quick refresher. It explains the four basic steps – grinding, dosing, tamping and brewing.

Latte art: mastering the tulip

This video instructs you on how to create tulip art on the coffee you serve.

Latte art: Native American headdress

This video explains a catchy design that always gets the customers talking, and how it is easier than it seems, starting with a simple rosetta.

Inverted rosetta tulip

This video explains a different way to make a tulip.

Eye catching tiger stripes

Whether its latte, mocha, cappuccino or hot chocolate, this video will teach you how to create a great looking drink in a few simple steps:

You’ll be needing:

  • A hot drink that uses stretched milk as its base (the video uses caramel cappuccino)
  • A dispenser filled with chocolate sauce (the video uses their own Chocolate Abyss Dark Mocha Sauce in a squeezy bottle)
  • A pointy tool used for drawing e.g. a milk thermometer
  • Sprinkles can optionally be added as a finish

Top Ten Tips for Opening a Coffee Shop

As the specialty coffee market goes, the competition grows with it, and the folks over at Matthew Algie coffee have recognised this. To this end, they’ve created a list of the top ten tips for starting your very own coffee business in today’s competitive environment. These tips are based on the years of experience they have in the industry, and will be useful for those who are having a hard time sifting through research and business plans.