Sheffield Barista Courses

There is many a good barista coffee school Sheffield you can attend to learn how to become a professional barista:


Anyone who wants to take barista courses Sheffield can do so at this school. They aren’t concerned about your professional background, their aim is to provide you with the knowledge to make the perfect coffee using professional equipment. Regardless of your skill level – rookie, intermediate or advanced, Pollards’ highly qualified staff can teach you in a half or full day course, either individually or in a group, as per your specific requirements.logo: pollards coffee

You will receive training at their Sheffield institute, or you can opt to be tutored at your own coffee shop.

The course will begin with a tour of their roastery and warehouse, followed by an introduction to coffee and its history. You will be taught the use of coffee machines and their maintenance, the usage and setting of grinders, making various kinds of coffee and latte art, as well as product advice about coffee, ice tea, tea, hot chocolate, equipment and so on.

The training team has a head barista who has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the coffee industry, more than 8 as a barista trainer – with gold cup certification. Other members share decades of coffee related experience between them, and will be present to give you advice and help.


The consistency and quality of your café’s coffee is largely dependent on the skills of your staff, and the people over at Cafeology understand this very well, which is what makes this school great for a coffee shop startup looking to train its employees.

They guarantee their ability to make your staff passionate about coffee making once again. Each of their courses is tailor made to suit the needs of the café. A lot of attention and care is put into how they grow, pick, roast and pack their coffee, which is why they are concerned that it is made just right. Preparing coffee properly will make logo: Cafeologysure that the customer enjoys the best possible drink.

Cafeology provide complete barista courses at their barista training Sheffield center, as well as on-site. They also offer tours of their roasting facility, where they provide on-site training through previous arrangement.

Courses can last both full day and half day.

The courses cover the follow coffee related topics:

  • A brief history of coffee
  • The perfect espresso
  • The coffee machine
  • The grinder
  • Milk foaming
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Ongoing Auditing