Manchester & Liverpool Training

Manchester barista training options

You can easily find a good barista course Manchester if you’re interested in joining the field. Here are a couple of barista courses Manchester residents will find particularly effective:

logo: caffe and coCaffe & Co.

A privately owned artisan coffee shop originally, it specializes in producing some of the most authentic coffee in the North West that constantly manages to surprise customer due to its sheer taste.

The training they provide is quite comprehensive, and strives to teach you how to make the perfect espresso. They reiterate that they aren’t the average coffee shop, utilizing the best beans, paying attention to the details and having an unparalleled coffee menu.

This Manchester coffee school, in the management’s own words, is for those who are absolutely serious about their coffee dreams, be it a coffee shop, restaurant, deli, café or pub.

The course is taught at their own coffee shop in Rainhill Village that lies on the direct line between Manchester and Liverpool. You will be taught by highly experienced professionals – their La Marzocco GB5 3 Group, who have recognition from the best barristas and can only be seen in topnotch cafes.

Costing GBP 99 inclusive of VAT, the course will teach you everything you need to know from operating an espresso machine to common mistakes to maintenance to milk texturing.

They also offer to provide an official barista training certificate for an extra fee of GBP 10.

logo: mikoMiko Coffee

Having earned the prestigious City & Guilds accreditation, this coffee school Manchester residents can attend has produced some of the most talented baristas in all of the North West.

According to the institute’s head of training and product development, baristas are under constant pressure to deliver coffee as quickly as possible, but only recently has the importance of having well trained staff been recognized.

The Level 2 VRQ course in Barista Skills culminates in a globally recognized qualification. It lasts for three days and involves both class and hands-on time, covering a background of the raw materials, production of several drinks, operation and maintenance of machinery, and customer service.

It is focused on espresso in particular, but also includes other beverages such as tea, chocolate, juices, smoothies, filter coffee etc. Each trainee is giving the chance to work with the top-end Faema espresso machines by Miko, a globally recognized coffee roaster with a heritage that goes back to 1801.

On-site reviewing and guidance is also provided to make sure that the students are actually learning what is being taught.

 Liverpool barista training courses

logo: caffe and coCaffe & Co

This school, discussed in the previous section, provides barista courses Liverpool residents can attend as well.

Also serving as a Liverpool coffee school, this institute provides the same great standard as for Manchester, and is meant for those who are absolutely dedicated to their role as a barista. Their 4 hour introductory course will provide an excellent introduction to the intricate art of making great espresso, covering milk texturing as well as latte art.

logo: joe black coffeeJoe Black Coffee

Based in Bootle, Joe Black Coffee School Liverpool can provide you with both on-site and off-site training. Their Bootle HQ is comprehensively equipped to train you off-site, while you observe the process of coffee roasting.

You may find it a bit difficult to find another barista course Liverpool online apart from these two, but since barista jobs are growing, you should expect to see more institutes open up in a few years.