Espresso Academy

We are a coffee school set in a roasting company in Firenze where we roast and blend.

We offer different courses that can be taken separately or as 5 full intense days: barista basic, barista advance, roasting, tasting and brewing. We work with authorised SCAE trainers that under request can offer certifications for Coffee Introduction, Barista Skills, Roasting, Brewing and Sensory.

Our school is a meeting point were we regularly open to the public to experiment with coffee, cupping and latte art with our teachers.

On our facebook page and website there is all the list of our activities and meetings, keep updated!


Phone: Tel. +39 055 7321718 – Fax +39 055 7321719


Via delle Torri 55,


Barista basic

  • What is coffee and where it comes from
  • Coffee processing methods
  • Visit to the roasting company
  • The preparation of an espresso
  • Cappuccino and milk frothing
  • How to clean the espresso machines

Barista advanced

  • Introduction to professional coffee tasting
  • Setting the grinder and pull a perfect shot
  • Latte art (free pouring and etching)
  • The classic Italian preparations and other coffee based beverages


  • What parameters there are in brewing?
  • The TDS and the refractometer.
  • The various tools used for brewing
  • Comparing different grinding size, brew ratio, temperature, water and filters

Coffee roasting

  • Characteristics and defects of the green coffee
  • Theory of roasting: temperature in relation to coffee,roasting profiles, methods of heat transfer, First Crack & Second Crack.
  • Practical roasting exercises
  • Tasting of a lighter and a darker roasted coffee.


  • The organs of sense involved in coffee tasting
  • The use a coffee tasting sheet (SCAA)
  • Tasting Espresso
  • The phases of the coffee tasting
  • The tastes
  • Cupping single origin coffees