Caffè River Training Centre

Caffè River Training Centre is a network of four training centres operated by Caffè River in four different countries. They offer the same standard courses and share the same training principles, in order to provide students with a very high level of reliability and effectiveness in their learning process.

Further to this, they offer guest courses with Latte Art champions, Espresso tasting and other coffee related training events.


Phone: +39 0575 403545 (IT) T +40 264 415 811 (RO) T +45 33 36 99 36 (DE) T + 49 911 37786520 (DK)


Via Martiri di Civitella, 3
52100 Arezzo – Italy

Bld. Muncii, 18
Cluj-Napoca – Romania

Skudehavnsvej, 34 B
2150 Nordhavn – Danmark

Johannistrasse 146
90419 Nürnberg – Deutschland



Espresso Basics provides the basic training for a student to excel in espresso coffee brewing. The student is coached in the path that from the trees takes to the extraction of the perfect espresso coffee. Additional information about coffee history, botanics and consumption make of Espresso Basics a stimulating and enjoyable course for any kind of student.

The course is structured in several thematic workshops, which include lectures, experiments and practice. There is no prerequisite to attend the course, which last 8 hours. A certificate of attendance is issued.


Espresso Master is an advanced course that introduces the student to the preparation of espresso-based drinks, and especially with the use of frothed milk. The analytical study of the structure of the milk, whipping and mixing techniques makes it possible to easily learn the skills necessary to prepare cappuccinos, decorated cappuccinos and other drinks.

Espresso Master is structured in thematic workshops, which include theoretical explanations, experimental and practical work experience. The estimated completion of Espresso Basics is a prerequisite for participation in the course, which lasts 8 hours, and after that they issued a certificate of participation.


Latte Art, that is the art of making beautiful paintings on top of the cappuccino only armed with your jug and frothed milk, has grown exponentially in interest in the whole world.

To provide the opportunity to learn from top professionals, every Caffè River Training Centre hosts specialised courses with award receiving Latte Art champions in unique events called Latte Art / crash course.

Every Latte Art / crash course last, whose most of the time is spent learning and rehearsing Latte Art shapes under the direct guidance of the champion and his/her assistants.