Cardiff barista training

As in the case of Wales, barista courses Cardiff residents can attend near their homes are exceedingly rare.

Waterloo Tealogo: waterloo tea

The only barista course Cardiff offered in Cardiff is by Waterloo Tea. It is a Foundation Barista skills course that teaches the basics of a job as a barista. It involves fundamental aspects of coffee making such as grinding, tamping technique, maintenance of espresso machines and the method of coffee extraction.

Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be quite enthusiastic about creating great tasting coffee drinks, and will be surprised at the amount of knowledge that goes into making a cup of perfect espresso.

The course is taught at Waterloo Tea at the Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff.

Even though there is not a single coffee school Cardiff offering comprehensive barista training Cardiff residents can avail. You can, of course, also attend a barista course Wales – there are plenty of those.

Welsh School of Coffee

An excellent collection of barista training courses is offered by the Welsh School of Coffee. They’re offering a Foundation Level Basic Barista Skills course to acquaint newbie coffee makers with the art of espresso, an Advanced Level Barista Skills course for those who already have some experience as baristas, a Latte Art & An Intro to Etching course which teaches free pouring and etching techniques, and a course on setting up a brew bar.

Clearly, this institute takes it coffee training very seriously, and will be a far better deal for those who want to become true professional baristas. Even though you may have to travel out of town to attend these courses, you don’t have to take them all at once, meaning that you’ll be gone for a day at most.