Best Coffee in Manchester

The café culture is already a part of the everyday life in the city. Manchester coffee shops are taking the bean industry very seriously.

It is almost impossible to find the best among the coffee shops Manchester has. We have short-listed the top 5 choices of the best cafes in Manchester. You go ahead and take your pick.

1. Bonbon

BonbonBonbon is recommended for serving the best chocolate mix. Offering coffee and luxury, Bonbon is a chocolate haven. Opens Thu-Sun daytimes, Bonbon is a part of the Teacup group. Made on-site are pecan salted praline and stilton. Salted caramel truffles among other varieties they offer.

They are also well stocked with brands including Rococo and Booja Booja. The dark wooden furniture and paper bag lamps give the interior of the shop a warm feel.

2. Takk

Prepare to be greeted by the strong smell of coffee. Old school desks with graffiti markings the moment you step into Takk. Their coffee beans are sourced from different places.

Featured on the roster is the Barn Berlin roaster. We love their salted caramel espresso. Among their other special mixes for its smooth, silky finish.

Bread provided by Chorlton bakers Brbakan, make excellent sandwiches. Salad and soups are strongly flavored too. Don’t miss out their espresso brownie. It is a hand-baked and easily a favourite.

3. Moose Coffee

Moose CoffeeThe Moose Coffee is swarming with patrons coming in for their great tasting food. On peak hours, patience may be needed to wait for a table. The queue is complemented by fast and excellent service. Moose is best recommended for serving the best eggs.

They have a wide choice of great tasting food that anyone will love. The serving portions are so massively that it is good for more than one person. You’ll be stuffed even before you know it. You’d come back to Moose Coffee in Manchester.

4. Vienna Coffee House

The Vienna Coffee House in Manchester has received a certificate of excellence. It is regarded for serving the best tasting coffee and excellent food choice. Patrons frequent the place for the fast service and accommodating staff.

The interiors resemble an inviting ambiance. By-passers are going to and from The Gallery often stop to dine here. The excellent reviews are visible proofs of their success.

5. Caffeine and Co.

Caffeine and Co.Caffeine and Co. are located on the far side of the Northern quarter. This does not stop patrons from frequenting the place. In fact, it adds character to the shop itself. The interiors are perfect for conventions. The garden style tables and chairs are great additions.

Savour the likeness of the North Star with Square Mile’s seasonal Red Brick. You may also buy the beans to recreate the great coffee experience in your homes.

Barista training in Manchester is growing in popularity. Coffee drinkers are compelled to recreate their love for coffee. Some do it to start their businesses.

Others may want to train for their passion. Others just want to create the best tasting coffee right in the comfort of their homes.

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