Best Coffee in Leeds

A day is never complete without stopping by the best Leeds coffee shops. Coffee beans are sourced locally or nationally and roasted to make the wonderful flavor of the best coffee Leeds has to offer.

Leeds has a mastered the art of serving coffee to perfection.

The city center is never short of cafe’s, offering excellent coffee, and savoury snacks. To give you a delicious start to your day. We have gathered the best coffee shops Leeds that are worth trying.

1. La Bottega Milanese

La Bottega MilaneseUsing their custom coffee roasted right in Yorkshire of La Classica. La Bottega Milanese also uses different UK roasters for guest coffees. The La Classica, their house blend is a 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee. Perk up your daily activities with a quick caffeine boost.

Their two homes, in the Bond Court and The Light, offer some of the best coffee in Milan. Get your perfect brew paired with one of their salads for a great start to your day.

2. Mrs. Atha’s

Mrs. Atha’s is one of the best places to get your daily brew. Mrs. Atha’s is usually packed with frequent goers and waiting for a table is worth it. Their place in Central Road is buzzing with busy patrons waiting for their cup of coffee.

Their beans are sourced from farms around the world and roasted in their home on Railway Street. Their coffee is provided by Maude Coffee, their sister brand. Their baristas and staff are highly trained. They serve different roasts for their espresso and brewed coffee. The shop itself is neat and cozy, with a very vintage feel.

3. Moments

Moments CoffeeMoments Coffee serves the usual choice of espresso and Americanos, to iced coffee. You will get the best coffee at reasonable prices in Moments.

They are located in 8 Swinegate. They serve excellent coffee with beans sourced and roasted by Bradford’s Limini. They also have an attractive menu for breakfast and lunch, ranging from a full English breakfast to a jam-packed sarnie. Supper is also served every Friday and Saturday.

4. Café 164

If you are in for a little adventure in finding the best coffee, Café 164 is for you. The cozy café is located on the ground floor of Munro House.

The wide variety of sandwiches and cakes are perfect complements to their coffee. Feast your eyes on The Gallery that is located in the café itself. Enjoy their coffee with beans that are sourced locally, like North Star and Maude. Bruce and Luke’s in Cumbria are also among their national independent suppliers.

5. Sociable Folk Café

Sociable Folk CaféIf you prefer your coffee deep and smoky, Sociable Fold Café is one for you. Located in Wellington Place, you won’t go wrong with the four-ounce cortado for a quick boost of caffeine. It is favored by many of the locals. Their flat white is also made from the finest blends of North Star.

They also have a great choice of homemade food, which vary from healthy salads to wraps, and brownies to ciabattas.

Coffee drinkers around the world are never-ceasing, despite the gaining popularity of teas. The aromatic scent of roasted coffee beans is addictive.
You will be amazed how your feet will carry you to the best coffee shop, and with the impending rise of coffee shops opening everywhere, is it any wonder.

There are many barista training courses offered. Those aspiring to master the art of coffee-making can sign up for these courses.
The barista training in Leeds is the answer to the growing demand for serving excellent, well-tasting coffee.

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