Best Coffee in Birmingham

Coffee is still the reigning top choice in Birmingham. Though, tea is also gaining popularity. Coffee time in Birmingham is one of the favourite pastimes.

When touring the city, you may find that there are many coffee shops in Birmingham city centre. Offering nothing but the best coffee in Birmingham.

We have short-listed out top 5 choices for the best coffee. You can find and be sure to include these on your itinerary when you feel the need your daily dose of caffeine.

1. Urban

Urban Cafe in BirminghamOpening 7 days a week, Urban café is a perfect rendezvous for early morning meetings. A quiet workplace for freelancers, or about anyone who would like a cup of good coffee and cake.

Its spacious two floors are excellent for get-together and meet-ups. It is also known to be one of the best coffee shops Birmingham has to offer.

2. 6/8 Kafe

6-8 KafeSituated next to the Great Western Arcade in Temple Row, 6/8 Kafe exudes indie pride and great ambiance. Serving a wide array of food from pastries to porridge for breakfast. Standard sandwiches and paninis for lunch, and a never-ending supply of cakes.

They offer sourced goods and excellent coffee that they are hoping to pass on to their customers. They also have guessed espresso and an old-school filter every morning.

3. 200 Degrees

200 Degrees200 Degrees is one of the first shops to open in The Grand. They are well-known for their excellent coffee and exquisite sandwiches.

The café is best known for serving the most palatable food and brew. They always update their menu and add new items now and then. They roast their house blend of an exotic combination.

It’s Vietnamese Robusta and Columbian Arabica beans. A “guest bean” hosted each month to allow patrons to savour new flavours.

4. Faculty Coffee

Faculty CoffeeLocated in Piccadilly Arcade, Faculty Coffee hopes to offer great coffee. Enable the customers to understand more about it.

Staying true to its name, the Faculty is more of a laboratory for making coffee than a coffee shop. There are no comfy chairs or sofas. Old school desk is placed to match its name.

5. Damascena

Coffee was first brought to us from the Middle East and Damascena. The perfect place to rediscover its origin, located in the suburb of Moseley.

It takes us to the Middle East with its Middle East ambiance and perfectly brews coffee. Delicious chicken or roasted lamb stuffed shawarma in garlic dressing.

Gherkins are also served for lunch and dinner. Damascena is awarded several times. As a mark of their success, they have announced that they will soon be opening a new branch in a prime city centre place.

Barista training in Birmingham is a skill. It takes passion and dedication to master their craft. A great barista needs to know well their beans and how to carefully roast it to perfection. They take the extra mile to make sure that good coffee every time.

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