Barista training in Birmingham

Unlike most other places in the UK, barista training Birmingham institutes aren’t easy to come by. Here are a couple of good Birmingham coffee schools that offer a comprehensive coffee course Birmingham residents can avail.

Bournville College

logo: Bournville college

The course offered is called Barista Skills Level 2 Award, and it is taught part time for a period of six weeks (you spend three hours a week on the course).

The course imparts professional knowledge and skills in a major growing area of the hospitality industry i.e. the beverage sector. More specifically, this course is meant for those who have a passion for beverages and are looking to get employed in the industry or are already working at barista jobs Birmingham serving points like coffee houses/bars, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The qualification revolves around coffee, especially espresso, but also covers filter coffee, chocolate, tea, smoothies and juices. The four aspects of beverages taught include the background of their raw materials; producing the range of beverages; operating, caring for and maintaining the machinery; and customer service.

The larger part of the course will be taught at the college’s training restaurant i.e. Urban Flavors, where students will have a chance to use professional equipment inside a classroom environment.

A practical assessment will be used to check the students’ drink making skills, and a written assessment to test their knowledge will be taken.

Anyone who wishes to become a barista, with little or no prior experience, can join this course, which has plenty of progression options offered by the same coffee school Birmingham.

logo: La Cucina Restaurant ConsultantsLa Cucina Restaurant Consultants

Taught in a relaxed manner, this course will teach you how to product the best possible coffee drinks. The baristas who will be teaching you take their coffee very seriously, and their aim is to give you the skills needed for making the perfect coffee, understanding and maintain your coffee machine, and guide you through serving during peak hours.

Keep in mind that this course is ideally meant only for a group of individuals i.e. the staff of a coffee house, so you should go for it only if you’ve already put together a team and a plan for opening a café.

The institute’s barista will hold one-to-on sessions with each of your staff as well as conduct a group tutorial on cleaning and maintain your machine. The barista may also work with your team during a service day to give you an idea about making and serving the best coffee under pressure, at a pace that is satisfactory for your waiting customers.

Typically, a course at the La Cucina Restaurant Consultants will cover:

  • A group session which will be about acquainting yourself with your machine, grinder and coffee blends.
  • Single person theory about making the ideal espresso, latte and cappuccino, both in looks and in taste.
  • Practical guidance during a service day (can be extended to as much as three days, normally for a cafe startup).
  • Free all day consultancy for one month – the barista will be available to entertain your queries and problems via telephone and email for an extra month.
  • Prices begin from £45, which can be lowered down to £35 for a group of at least six people (this will also cover the one month free consultancy).
  • Barista training in cafes is currently being carried out in Birmingham, as well as Derby, Manchester and Nottinghamshire, besides pub and restaurant chains across the country.
  • Private Barista courses Birmingham are also possible, and will include coffee tasters and samples of different coffee mixes.